Why Does Hemochromatosis Cause Weight Loss You Better Watch Here Now

Why Does Hemochromatosis Cause Weight Loss. If you get two of the genes that cause it, one Unexplained weight loss. Hemochromatosis is a condition where your body absorbs too much iron.

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One can be a carrier (can pass it on) and have no symptoms. Symptoms of hereditary hemochromatosis are nonspecific and typically absent in the early stages. Because the body does not have a mechanism to rid the excess iron, this imbalance between gains and losses results in accumulation of the extra iron in some of the organs in the body. Primary hemochromatosis has a genetic cause and is hereditary. Too much bodily iron: As a result of the inability to increase iron loss, iron overload is an inevitable response to increased iron entry into the body. Learn about symptoms, causes and treatment of this inherited liver disorder.

These behaviors in combination with the physical effects of anxiety can lead to substantial weight loss.

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder might have rigid dietary rules that lead to insufficient nutrition.

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Other causes of a high ferritin level are chronic inflammatory conditions such as liver disease or rheumatoid arthritis, or some types. It is the most common genetic disease in whites. Do not take iron pills or vitamins containing iron.