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How To Determine Calorie Intake For Weight Loss. How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Goal for Weight Loss. Doing some cardio, including walking, swimming, or jogging, can also be important — not necessarily for weight loss but for optimal health and general well-being.

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How to reduce calorie intake without starving yourself. I should mention that I am gaining muscle from my heavy lifting workouts which would account for some fat loss but there is no way I'm gaining. How To Figure Out Your Calorie and Macro Goals for FAT LOSS Calorie counting is easy and effective. This calculator, created by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, can help you determine how many calories you'll need to aim for per day in order to reach your weight loss goal. How to vary calorie intake is largely up to personal discretion.

If you're looking to add muscles I would suggest focusing on lifting weights and eating in a surplus.

You can look up the basic calorie intake to maintain your current weight in the charts below.

Good guideline for calculating your caloric needs (take … – Choosing Calorie Levels for Weight Loss

Daily Calorie Intake for Women to Lose Weight

Splitting your caloric intake into a tried-and-true ratio is the next step after determining how many you need. The recommended calorie intake for weight loss varies from person to person. Calorie counting is easy and effective.