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Does Heart Failure Cause Weight Loss. Very rapid weight gain from fluid retention. Congestive heart failure symptoms is a heart condition that causes symptoms of shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, and swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet.

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Trends in prevalence and outcome of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Weight loss as nausea causes a loss of appetite and as the body fails to absorb food well. Heart failure is a serious condition, but it does not actually mean that your heart has failed. It can happen to people who have severe heart failure. Very rapid weight gain from fluid retention. When the patient has high blood pressure, the heart needs to do more strength to overcome this.

Cardiac cachexia is unintentional severe weight loss caused by heart disease.

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs.

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Systolic dysfunction (or systolic heart failure) occurs when the heart muscle doesn't contract with enough force, so there is less oxygen-rich blood that is pumped. Other symptoms of congestive heart failure include a rapid or irregular heartbeat, a persistent cough Just as this condition can cause weight gain due to overeating, it can also cause weight loss due So, when do you see a doctor about unexpected weight gain or loss? The term "heart failure" can be frightening.