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Does Parathyroid Cause Weight Loss. It happens when your parathyroid glands too much of a chemical called parathyroid hormone. In fact, weight loss is one sign of parathyroid disease.

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These behaviors in combination with the physical effects of anxiety can lead to substantial weight loss. They do this by producing parathyroid hormone (PTH). People with obsessive-compulsive disorder might have rigid dietary rules that lead to insufficient nutrition. So what do the parathyroids do? If you have follow up questions, please ask prior to accepting. The hormone can cause hyperparathyroidism in three ways.

High calcium can cause constipation which can result in weight loss due to lack of appetite.

Hyperparathyroidism is caused by factors that increase the production of parathyroid hormone.

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Endocrine Notes

Insulin and leptin both cause weight loss resistance (we will talk more about that below) and can make weight loss impossible unless you treat. The chief cells (principal cells) produce parathormone (PTH, parathyroid hormone). The weight loss is a side affect because it can disrupt hormone balance.