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Best Exercise For Loose Skin After Weight Loss. Weight loss is a good thing, but it can leave you with lots of loose skin. If you've got excess skin from weight lost through traditional methods and exercise hasn't.

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Find out what you can do about it. "It's frustrating to patients who have put all this hard work and commitment into their weight loss journey and new bodies to be left with extra skin that doesn't reflect that effort," says Jason B. You should also engage in lots of exercise. I like how I look now obviously. WebMD knows that a large weight loss can lead to loose, extra skin. So what is the best way to get. Couple that with the fact that collagen and elastin (an elastic protein) in the skin naturally decrease as you age.

Losing weight is a momentous achievement and ought to be celebrated for sure, but for some having to contend with loose skin as a result of losing a As a result, your skin will become tighter.

Diet plans that emphasize healthy eating and exercise can help you lose weight gradually.

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Dropping a lot of weight at one time can be bad for you, not. Why does loose skin after major weight loss happen? The loosening of the skin actually starts when you gain weight.