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Do Night Sweats Cause Weight Loss. The solution for your night sweats can be completely different depending on the cause. While night sweats are a common symptom of menopause, they can also be caused by some medical conditions and certain medications.

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Night sweats reason may be pneumonia and brucelosis. Sweating is a natural body function, but if it becomes bad enough to wake you up night after night, wet and shivering, it has gone beyond "natural" and the cause should be determined. Night sweats is another term for excessive perspiration or sweating at night. Health Conditions That Cause Night Sweats. Night sweats that are bothersome, though not dangerous, are more common than night sweats with a more concerning underlying cause, she says. A night sweat could be caused by hormonal changes, medications, alcoholism, or diseases and conditions.

At this point, you may experience fever, general weakness, and weight loss, and your lymph glands may be swollen.

Though the condition occurs in both men and women, each gender has different causes.

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Causes of Night Sweats Explained

7 Causes of Night Sweats

Night sweats and fevers can be caused by a number of conditions, including common infections such as the flu, severe illnesses such as human immunodeficiency. There are many causes of night sweats. Health Conditions That Cause Night Sweats.