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Does Citalopram Cause Weight Gain Or Loss. Over the years I've been on numerous anti depressants – Citalopram has been a huge improvment for me. In terms of negative side effects I dont even know I'm taking – compared.

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Unexplained, unintentional weight loss is. weight gain or weight loss without trying. I can't speak from experience, but my friend lost a TON of weight on Wellbutrin and her sex drive went through the roof! This can cause weight loss if our eating habits haven't increased sufficiently to offset the increase in fuel consumption caused by overly If you are concerned, talk with your doctor or nutritionist for ideas on how to stabilize or gain weight. Progesterone can cause weight loss or weight gain depending on the situation. Weight gain/obesity is considered to be one of the causes of diabetes. For this reason, stress in our lives can cause both.

Different hormones are released under stressful situations that lead to weight gain and obesity.

Weight gain is an increase in body weight.

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Weight gain is more likely with some antidepressants than others. Does Celexa Make One Gain Weight? If you are interested in losing weight while taking progesterone you will want.