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Can Buspirone Cause Weight Loss. Birth control pills do not cause weight loss, but you can feel better about your body. The weight loss occurs due to a portion of your adrenal glands called your cortex, the Mayo Clinic explains.

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From the above research, it appears that Cymbalta is more likely to cause weight loss in the. Weight gain can happen due to a number of causes. This includes weight-related side effects of antidepressants. The Mayo Clinic explains that diuretics work by getting the kidneys to rid the body of salt (sodium) and water. Depending on the cause, treatment typically involves either reducing or withdrawing the use of steroids, or surgery to remove. Hyperlipidemia drugs in which you must avoid grapefruit.

Weight gain is a common symptom, particularly on the chest, face and stomach.

Buspirone HCL is believed to have its anti-anxiety effect due to its interaction with the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

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Weight gain can happen due to a number of causes. If Buspirone can decrease my GAD and increase my libido then I might feel confident enough to start having sex again! Unexplained weight loss could be a sign of a thyroid disease such as Graves' disease, an autoimmune disease that causes the thyroid gland to produce excessive amounts of the thyroid hormone. "Weight loss is usually one of a constellation of symptoms of Graves' disease including heart palpitations. "Most digestive problems tend to cause weight loss from poor absorption of food, but there are a few situations in which our intestinal health can contribute to weight gain." When you're stopped up, that weighed-down feeling you get could be weight gain.