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Beta Blockers That Cause Weight Loss. Beta-blockers are drugs that are used to slow down a person's heart rate. Anyone out there found a beta blocker that keeps your heart protected while not hindering your weight loss goals?

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Beta-blockers are medicine used to treat heart problems and high blood pressure. This blood pressure medication does cause weight loss. When you start taking beta-blockers, your heart-failure symptoms may become slightly worse for about two to three weeks, as your heart adjusts to the medication. It might indicate an underlying condition. Beta blockers are useful in treating a variety of cardiovascular conditions including angina, heart failure, and high blood presure. A good rule of thumb is to see your doctor if you've lost a significant amount Generally, it's treated with anti-thyroid medications, radioactive iodine, beta-blockers, or surgery. promptly quit smoking and visited a doctor who put me on antidepressants ( serta ) and some beta blockers. difficulties with weight loss and am having some more success the last few weeks with some interval training .

Cardioselective blockers (e.g., atenolol, bisoprolol) pri… Nonselective beta blockers (e.g., pindolol, propranolol) inhibit all β receptors and may cause bronchoconstriction, peripheral vasoconstriction.

David Edelson explains the little-known secrets that medical pros know, and that you should know too.

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Beta blockers are competitive antagonists that block the receptor sites for the endogenous catecholamines epinephrine (adrenaline) and Newer beta blockers, such as carvedilol (Coreg), don't usually cause weight gain as a side effect. Beta-blockers to reduce blood pressure can lead to chronic sleep disturbances by blocking melatonin production. What should you know about taking them?